About ÒRÉ

The ÒRÉ Brand is a trend-focused lifestyle platform, with a nod to Black creatives.

Est. 2015

The ÒRÉ brand was created with everyday individuals in mind.
Our online platform is a practical space where cultured creatives and lifestyle brands take centre-stage. With hand-picked content by the Chief-Editor, you’re invited to (re)discover the world through Black lifestyle-bloggers, explore easy-to-make comfort foods, shop seasonal online deals and stay connected.
Our M.O is that life is to be enjoyed, with colour.


Joanna, E

Brand Enthusiast (JKLDN)
Foodie & Fitness Juggler
Aesthetics Fanatic

Keji, V

Bespoke Designer (KV)
Personal Tailor
Digital Marketer

If you would like to feature on the blog as a creative, brand or contributor, please write to us hello@theorebrand.com