Lipsticks Galore!

Bright pinks, matte nudes, deep plums and pastel perfects.
Lipsticks are In In In! Defining your gorgeous lips and making them look fuller and more kissable has got to be my hot beauty pick of the season.

Now we all know Kylie Jenner and her lip craze which has stormed the globe and fashionistas. But she’s not the only one – this controversial lip filler has definitely divided the sides, of plastic fantastic and aú natural! So in come the lipsticks, all colours shades and hues.

It still feels like autumn in some parts so the “cherry berry” and “plum” shades are in full force. Winter is biting more in some places so the pastels and nudes are popping those pouts. But whatever your shade, we can all count on our fellow girls to have a pop of colour in their Michael kors handbags.

Lips have become the most talked about facial feature recently. To fill or not to fill? Some say Use lipsticks instead! And with the vast range out there, why not experience the magic of a good lippie before going to the needle. After all, who knows what the next craze will be!

Happy pouting ORÈ readers!


Written by Aryana Vashisht

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