If you run a small business or manage a personal brand, you could save time and money by creating your online presence with or sourcing from The ÒRÉ Brand.


The ÒRÉ Brand’s online platform is opening its (virtual) doors to small businesses, startups and personal brands for space sharing and operational projects.

From ethical tailors to mobile chefs; crafty hairstylists to at-home techies, we’re eager to provide the creative and operational stepping stones needed to take your business to the next level.

The Togetherness Project

Do you need online space to promote your business?
Do you need to source specific equipment for your business?
Do you require a complete look-book for your latest designs?
Looking for unique branding merchandise?
Planning a brand launch or pop-up feature?

Our Togetherness Project is a compilation of creative and operational services we provide for startups; creating specific packages for specific business needs.

Simply specify how you would like us to get involved when enquiring in the registration form. 

Share-Our-Space (SOS)
The easiest and most popular way we help startups is through our SOS service.
If your brand needs an online presence with a modern look ready to adapt to your varying needs without the extra fuss and finances, you can rent online space right here. By housing your business at The O.B., we will design and perfect your online space, complete with all your information.
Our SOS packages include a personalised landing page (with additional pages if needed), log-in access to update your page info, email forwarding, and regular social media postings on our online accounts.

Customised, unique, and distinctive online solutions available for the time you need it

Save. Save. Save.
Cut out unnecessary spendings without settling for “basic branding”

Focus on growth and the nitty gritties.
With your projects taken care of, you can get down to business

Join a network of young businesses, freelancers and startups just like you!


You’re on the go, you’re on a budget, and you’re not looking to over-complicate things..

Like free-spirited wanderers, small businesses need variety and the freedom to operate uniquely. With today’s never-ending list of hosting options and online platforms, it’s not always easy to find a cost-effective space or branding solution with creative freedom, no technical knowledge required and no unnecessary add-ons.

Here at The O.B. we have lots of space and operational sources we’d like to share for unique personal brands and startups to help them along their business; providing creative assistance and regular support throughout their stay with us.


You may be invited to share our space or work on a Togetherness Project.
You can also request our services direct by completing the registration form.
Tell us about yourself and the kind of solution your brand requires.
Once we have insight into your brand needs, we’ll help you settle in.

Register now

Perfect for upcoming businesses and personal brands that require personal touch.

TOGETHERNESS: Our Terms & Conditions

Please read our T&Cs as the Editors reserve the right to accept or reject applications that do not fit with The O.B. platform or comply with our online safety standards.