ORE à Paris.

In the spirit of birthday celebrations, the ORE team took a trip to one of Europe’s most fashion-loving, sights-filled, tourist-buzzing cities – Paris! And what better time than during the January sales? 🙂

We naturally attempted to do all the touristy things (e.g. visit the Louvre, take a dinner cruise on the River Siene, etc), while keeping a close eye on the Parisienne style and trends.

We fell in love with several vintage stores we stumbled on – one in particular called Les Georgettes! Very rarely are vintage stores stocked with fashionable things from isle to isle – but Les Georgettes made us swear we’d come back on our next Paris trip! We love Paris vintage, but maybe we’re just too used to London…
We also visited one of Karl Lagerfield’s stores, hung our jaws outside Christian Louboutin’s windows (it was closed when we got there) and experienced the shoppers ultimate dream as we took on the great Avenue des Champs Elysées. All the while entering stores and picking out styles we loved, we were gathering ideas for our own ORE pieces.

We also managed to squeeze in a quick trip to one of the biggest textile stores just outside the city – le Marché Saint-Pierre. Here we explored material options for some of the pieces we are currently working on, and purchased some samples to help us compare and contrast with the materials we have available back home.

Part of our aim as a fashion brand is to incorporate culture into our pieces, through unique and original materials, as well as concepts taken from around the world – and we hope to take advantage of various trips across the globe in the future as we continue this journey!

Photo credits: The ÒRÉ team

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