Wardrobe Sessions

“What is a Wardrobe Session and how does it work?” I hear you ask.

Well, I started creating compact style-sessions as a way to export some of the trend knowledge and wardrobe management skills I’ve picked up over the years of doing what I call “side-line blogging”.

There are -almost- enough bloggers for us to get a lifetime of inspiration from, and -almost- enough stores to solve every wardrobe need; but here we are, still stuck on the infamous question: what to wear?

While, sadly, I have not found the answer to this age-defying question, what I have found is a series of techniques to keep this question at bay at least 70% of the time.

Once I began to build my wardrobe systematically, my style-dissatisfaction levels dropped dramatically.

Pairing outfits for work and socials became easier. I started reaching in to the back of the wardrobe more often, rather than reaching out to buy something new for every unexpected occasion. I made (and still make) style mistakes, but I have come a long way as a happy, style-conscious woman.

Which brings me back to these Wardrobe Sessions.
Each week (only while the sessions are running) subscribers will receive a bite-size breakdown of tips and visual guides on how to stay inspired by their wardrobe each season. Join me, as I pick out the wardrobe necessities and trends for each season.

Whether you’re sifting through to lightly top up your wardrobe or treating yourself to pay-day looks, you can shop from some of my favourite online stores to suit your budget/need. I’ll also show you how investing in the simple classic styles will keep you trendy throughout all seasons.

SUBSCRIBE today using the form to receive a code which unlocks content on the blog every week once the sessions begin!

The LAUNCH will include 6 FREE introductory** sessions as my general guide to this winter’s wardrobe fix. From creating your own winter colour palette to finding the perfect LBD (little black dress), you’re invited to participate every week as we explore your wardrobe!

Note: These Wardrobe Sessions are only available for subscribers.

**More detailed and personalised wardrobe-sessions will be available for those super keen on revamping and redoing their wardrobe! Just keep your eyes peeled for more content, or send an email to hello@theorebrand.com

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