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Food-blogger and natural hair blogger, @TinasTastyEats, became a personal favourite a few weeks ago when I stumbled on her home-food Instagram page.

Being particularly health-conscious, I’m more of a “bring-your-lunch-into-work” type of person and would rather monitor my nutrition by preparing my own meals for the most part of the week. On @TinasTastyEats, Tina captures her meals with insight into how she prepares simple and tasty treats, with lunch to pack up and keep you going through the rest of the day.

The secret to meal-prepping is being creative with what you enjoy eating; preparing all the hearty ingredients ahead; and keeping it tasty even with mixing-&-matching the simplest of ingredients.

In this feature, Tina experiments with chicken, beef and sweet potatoes. Cooking these main ingredients earlier in the week cuts down the bulk of meal-prepping – then she freely incorporates tomatoes, carrots, kale and other easy (healthy) add-ons as the days go by.

So, as the new week begins, here’s a Monday – Friday meal plan I’ve collaborated for healthy non-compromisingly tasty lunches by @TinasTastyEats.

|©Images&Recipes: @TinasTastyEats

Monday & Tuesday

@tinastastyeatsMonday’s Avocado, Chicken & Tomato Salad.
“When I pack salads, I always need a balance of protein and healthy fats to keep me full. Chicken, Avocado, tomatoes over kale, red cabbage and carrots” – Tina

Tuesday’s Sweet Potato Salad:
Sweet potatoes, ground beef and kale ? – I do love me some sweet potatoes” – Tina

Wednesday & Thursday

@tinastastyeats3Wednesday’s Veg. Buddha Bowl:
On a bed of baby spinach, I have marinated shredded carrots, roasted acorn squash, sweet potatoes and corn plus lentils. This will be topped with a little tahini dressing right before eating.” – Tina

@tinastastyeats4Thursday’s Beef Buddha Bowl:
Red quinoa, roasted sweet potatoes, beef stir fry, roasted crispy Brussel sprouts and chopped up tomatoes” – Tina


@tinastastyeats2Friday’s Roast Sweet Potato & Chilli Con-Carne Filling Salad
Today’s lunch is loaded roasted sweet potatoes with a simple salad. Potato is loaded with same chilli con carne” – Tina

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